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TEATRO en la Oscuridad & CUCU MOMO

We create space for sense and sensory perceptions


Teatro en la Oscuridad (Argentine)

At the Teatro en la Oscuridad we create a fascinating atmosphere where our eyes relax completely. With our visitors we embark on a journey in absolute darkness. Without a single light source we create  an expressive space that facilitate a completely different theater-experience. The best scenography we create in our own imagination - and the "Theater in the Dark" arouses the right climate for it. The inspiring power of sound, flavors, air, music and voices make the audience dream their very individual universe.

Since 2011, we have been developing this fascinating kind of theater, and we are very happy to share our art with an audience of all ages, that leave our theater week after week with shining eyes. The Teatro en la Oscuridad is an ingenious journey in the dark, based on our artistic and professional commitment

Current program (spanishspoken)

* ANFITRIÓN chéf * Theater & dinner in the dark. A journey that stimulates all senses.

* After de Picadas & Microteatro * A humorous story of two brothers. (including tapas & drinks)

* The Little Prince * The famous story of the Little Prince. For children from 4 to 100 years.

* SENTIR AZ * Inspired by the life of the emblematic artist Alfredo Zitarrosa.

And for our ENGLISH-SPEAKING visiters:

TEATRO EN LA OSCURIDAD for Tango-Lovers, in cooperation with CUCU MOMO - Culture in Motion

* For groups of 12-30 people: The special show of our "Theater in the Dark", combined with a dinner in absolute darkness. An experience where the view is completely relaxed.

* Tango & Dialogue. Dancing the here and now. A special tangolesson for small groups.

* A traditional argentine lunch (with smoked meats and roasted vegetables) in the Cultural Center "CASA NATAL DE TROILO", the birthplace of one of the most important tango-musicians, composer and leader of his own orchestra: Aníbal Carmelo Troilo (1914/1975), so called "Pichuco".

WELCOME at the "Teatro en la Oscuridad" of Argentine and Uruguay. 

We look forward to meet you.

CUCU MOMO - Culture in Motion

CUCU MOMO is an active part of the Teatro en la Oscuridad - and at the same time develops its own work in the area of movement, body and poetic action.

Our courses are based on a wide range of professional techniques (dance and movement therapy, sociocultural education) and integrate experiences in the areas of "female cycle", dance in public space, Community Dance and Tango.

FOCUS 2021:  E-MOTION, Dance Movement Therapy

.. for your personal movement & cycle oriented process

CUCU MOMO works in various areas:

- Workshops for groups, teams or clubs / collectives

- Accompaniment of individual processes (also for couples)

- Workshops for private and public institutions

We look forward to answer your personal request.

Valérie Gros

# Dance Movement Therapist

# Menstrual Activist

CONTACT us via email: englisch, auf Deutsch, en castellano - ou en français.

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